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  • October is Bully Awareness Month

  • Red Ribbon Week

    Oct. 24-28


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Have you ever wondered - 

How did my young child earn that particular grade?


Check out the Scoring Scales for 1st Grade HERE

Check out the Scoring Scales for 2nd Grade HERE

Character Word of the Month

Character Education Concept: October


Being brave enough to do what you 

should do - even if you're afraid.


  • Read a book about being Responsible

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The SMES Golden Anchor Award!

Mrs. Amber Cole - our wonderful Pre-K teacher

Mrs. Debbie Eby - our fabulous technology teacher!

A seafaring ship has many important aspects; the hull, the sails, the rudder, bow or stern, however, one part of the ship is responsible for keeping the ship in one place or for allowing it to continue moving. The anchor must be strong enough to keep the largest ship from going anywhere, but at the same time, be versatile enough to let go and allow movement to take place. The SMES “Golden Anchor” award is presented to one certified and classified staff member each week that exemplifies the strength and versatility required to be a valuable part of the USS SMES. 


  • Personal Research On Basically EverythingS

  • World War II, part 1 by Aiden

  • World War II, part 2 by Aiden

  • Orcas, part 1 by Lily

  • Orcas, part 2 by Lily

  • Meteors by Gabe

  • The Immune System, Part 1 by Curt

  • The Immune System, part 2 by Curt

  • Corey Hamm by Lillian

  • The Brain, Part 1 by Patience

  • The Brain Part 2 by Patience

MyON at Home

Grades 1—5:

Trying to use MyOn at home?  Just follow these simple steps…

1. Go to the Camden County Schools website:

     2. Click on the blue “Students” tab

     3. From the drop-down menu, choose “MyOn Reader”

     4. When prompted to enter the  student’s Google account information. 

Use this format:

First name. last name

Password: SMES & student’s 6 digit number

Kindergarten only :

1. Go to

2. Student’s user name will be his/her 6 digit  number

3. Password is “myon”

Thank you for supporting reading with your child!


Zika Virus

You may have recently seen or read national news reports about the Zika virus. To date, we have had no local transmission of Zika virus in Georgia which suggests the virus is not present in our mosquito population now; however, that could change. 


Camden County Schools is partnering with the Coastal District Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the potential spread of the Zika virus in our area and prepare for the unlikely possibility the Zika virus becomes present in our community. 

Please click here to read a letter outlining ways we are partnering with the Department of Public Health, CDC and the community  to address this concern.

SMES Student Handbook 2016-2017