St. Marys Elementary School


Camden County Schools Promotion / Retention Policy

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  • Jack Christmas Reading Club Book Rewards

    Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade

    Tuesday, March 14

  • Kindergarten Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) Meeting #3

    Kindergarten Academic Parent Teacher Team

     (APTT) Meeting #3

    Date: March 14, 2017   

    Time:  6:00 PM

  • After-School Social

    After-School Social

    Wed., March 16

    2:00 - 3:15

  • Spring Break

    Spring Break

    March 27-31

  • FCA Huddle

    FCA Huddle

    Every Friday


  • Chick-Fil-A


    SMES Family Night


    March 9

  • 4-H


    5th Grade

    Thursday, March 9


Character Word of the Month

Character Education Concept: March


Deciding that someone who has 

wronged you doesn't have to pay


SMES Student Handbook 2016-2017
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Have you ever wondered - 

How did my young child earn that particular grade?


Check out the Scoring Scales for 1st Grade HERE

Check out the Scoring Scales for 2nd Grade HERE

  • Because of YOU!

    Because of You (Two)!

    Because of the hard working, ever vigilant, and brilliantly creative

    Heather Perkins and Cari Wolle, the SMES Scholastic Book Fair is always 

    HUGE success!  They work to ensure the area is decorated with a fun theme, 

    additional volunteers are on hand, and most importantly - 

    that the students have fun visiting the fair.  Thank you!

  • Welcome to St. Marys Elementary School!

  • Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 2017

  • AR Parade!

  • Thank you!

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The SMES Golden Anchor Award!

Mrs. Mandie Hill - our wonderful PE Coach!

Mrs. Rachel Barrick - our Office Para Extraordinaire!

A seafaring ship has many important aspects; the hull, the sails, the rudder, bow or stern, however, one part of the ship is responsible for keeping the ship in one place or for allowing it to continue moving. The anchor must be strong enough to keep the largest ship from going anywhere, but at the same time, be versatile enough to let go and allow movement to take place. The SMES “Golden Anchor” award is presented to one certified and classified staff member each week that exemplifies the strength and versatility required to be a valuable part of the USS SMES. 



  • Personal Research On Basically Everything

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization by Cooper

  • Battle of Iwo Jima by David

  • Tuskegee Airmen by Joshua


  • John F. Kennedy

  • Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

  • Cuban Missile Crisis by Cameron

  • Thomas Edison by Tristen

  • Rosa Parks

  • Babe Ruth by Juana

  • Thurgood Marshall by Jania

  • Cuban Missile Crisis by Luci